The Benefits of perfect tamping

Autotamp features a unique, 2 stage tamping process that when engaged, applies a constant 30-35lbs of pressure into the basket of a group handle every time a drink is made.

Autotamp is ergonomically designed for daily use,

using a lever handle to reduce the stress on your wrist, elbow and shoulder.

The gear inside Autotamp is made of a hardened, heat treated steel and produced with stainless steel metal and chrome construction.  These high grade materials provide years of dependable service and are easy to clean.

AUTOTAMP is an innovative device developed by engineers to improve the integrity of tamping accuracy, consistency and confidence in the coffee industry.

Espresso tampers are an essential tool in the specialty coffee industry.  If you own a commercial espresso machine or a high end prosumer espresso machine its important to tamp consistent.  Home espresso machines and commercial espresso machines alike benefit from espresso tampers that are calibrated .  When you make the choice to own a cafe and serve the public fair trade coffee , Organic coffee or rare coffees from around the world, making the best espresso shots becomes very important.  One of the greatest improvements in espresso drink consistency is improve your espresso tamping skills. Not all espresso tampers are created equal. Autotamp espresso tamper was hand made in the USA using the very best quality 304 stainless steel and chrome plated steel for easy cleanup.  Manual hand Espresso tampers also can cause job related injuries.  Autotamp is gear driven and makes it easy to press espresso grounds at the proper 30 to 35 lbs when tamping and eliminates injury to the barista making the espresso drinks.  Autotamper is compatible with commercial espresso machines and high end home espresso machines. Take your espresso tamping to the next level!