Automatic Coffee Tampers, Auto Tampers / Espresso Tamper - AUTOTAMP : Tamping Evolved!

Espresso Coffee Tamping : EVOLVED!

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Baristas have always had the issue of inconsistent coffee tamping.  No one has the capability to really know what amount of pressure they are placing on their espresso, so naturally hand tamping is inconsistent. Autotamp: 100% consistent coffee tamping, without the training & risk of carpal-tunnel syndrome!

Totally Consistent Coffee

No more guessing.  The Autotamp automatically compresses your coffee to 35 lbs of pressure!

Less Training for Baristas

No longer will you need to train your Baristas on proper tamping - The Autotamp is so easy anyone can use it without any training!

Easy Cleanup!

The Autotamp automatic coffee tamper is made of alluminum and stainles steel, so most cleaning products can be used without damaging the unit.


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